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Storyville House
Storyville House
Storyville House

About Storyville House

Nestled on the edge of Kirriemuir and overlooking the Strathmore Valley, Storyville House is a delightful residential home, which can accommodate 28 residents. The beautiful, enclosed garden offers an oasis of calm and the home’s pet parrot “Sonni” enjoys having his cage wheeled out into the sunshine to mix with residents and visitors.

Out and about around Kirriemuir

Kirriemuir was the birthplace of J.M. Barrie, creator of Peter Pan, and his birthplace on the Brechin road is now a museum owned by the National Trust of Scotland. A statue of Peter Pan stands in the town square in front of the old toll booth. Also known as the “Wee Red Toon” the red refers to the local reddish sandstone from which the town’s older properties are built.

Located looking south towards Glamis and the Sidlaws Kirriemuir resides in the Strathmore Valley which is known to be one of the most fertile fruit growing areas in Scotland.


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Manager: Celia Findlay

4 Beechwood Place, Kirriemuir, Angus DD8 5DZ
Tel: 01575 574 667

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