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Our Philosophy

The group’s philosophy is simple…

We strive to create settings where resident’s individuality is acknowledged where dignity and privacy are respected where residents can feel safe and secure.

Mission Statement

  1. Our Vision within our homes is to be pre-eminent in developing the highest quality of care for residents in the safest and most efficient way.
  2. We shall promote independence.
  3. We shall offer the utmost respect and dignity for the residents.
  4. We shall work effectively with partners eg social work dept and the NHS.
  5. We shall ensure that our communication links are honest and unambiguous
  6. We shall ensure that our staff are good ambassadors for the organisation.
  7. We shall create opportunities for staff to increase their capabilities, and improve consistency, through their continued development and training.
  8. We shall strive to offer a service representing best value.
  9. We shall secure our future by operating profitably through good stewardship of funds.
  10. We shall continue to invest in our homes to maintain standards and improve facilities.
Our Philosophy

Every one of our residents is a unique person and has the right to feel at home in our residential care homes.

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